Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Top 5 Reasons to Blog

I have finally done it. I have created an online blog and in honour of this online blog here are the the top five reasons that you should also create a blog!

1. It will allow you to hook up with people all over the world to learn and exchange new ideas. Share comments, questions and e-mails. Make it interactive and try giving away a prize!

2. Increase your expose. Have a business you're trying to start up? Blog about it. Spread the word. It's great advertising. What better way to get free exposure than to blog about your internet business.

3. Be picked up by search engines. Most people use search engines to find information. Make what your offering more obtainable by having more advertising.
4. Practice your writing skills. Can't spell? Need practice or to build your portfolio for freelancing? Try a blog - it can show potential clients what your writing is made of.
5. Share your knowledge. Are you a computer whiz? Maybe there is a craft that you do. Blog about how you do things. Answer people's questions.
So start your blog today. You can try and open a new world of creativity. Worst comes to worst, you wasted a few words.

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